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Like little records…

If I didn’t already feel ‘old’ as a result of attending Buzzmoo’s birthday gathering in Canberra on Wednesday then I most certainly did this afternoon while browsing the alternative CD’s in at JB Hi-Fi.

I was flicking randomly through the expansive CD racks looking to see if anything jumped out and said “buy me”, when I overheard a conversation between two guys that left me somewhat rattled.

“No,” said the first guy. Probably about the 15 year old mark – school shirt un-tucked and a mop of messy brown hair. “…when they used to release singles” he continued “they had a different song on the other side.”
“The other side?” His confused, spotty companion asked.
“Yeah, they were like small records…”
“oh!” said spot, turning a CD cover over in his hand.
“and they’d put the single on one side and a completely different song on the other!” continued the young historian.
“That’s a B side.”
“Oh, ok…..” spot looked back at the ‘cure’ CD in his hands… I on the other hand, moved to a completely different department and as an act of defiance purchased a Mavin Gaye ‘best of’ CD.

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