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EGE: A Smashing Success

Boy howdy, what a weekend. The eGames & Entertainment Expo kicked off on Friday afternoon and wrapped up at around six o’clock on Sunday… and I think, all up, I managed to get around 6 hours of sleep inbetween.

I hope that anyone who attended the event had a good time. I can’t believe that I spent three days in the company of a bunch of Nintendo Wii consoles and yet didn’t get a chance to play on one even for a minute… I did however get to chat with Vispi Bhopti (Nintendo Public Relations Manager) on a few occasions and the guy is not only my new personal hero, but also my pick for the ‘guy most likely to be able to kick your ass in a fight” award.

Furious arrived in Melbourne on Thursday night while I was at the exhibition centre, so I ducked over to Spencer street, picked him up and returned to the Exhibition Centre to continue getting in the way of the people who were setting up their booths. I think that night was the only time that we actually got to play on anything and it was the Daytona machines in the classic arcade area.. Yeah, I kicked his ass.

Despite being pretty flat out most of the time I really did enjoy the expo, particularly getting to know a few of the exhibitors. The Australian Gamer guys did a great job hosting a lot of the events on the main stage (and are great guys too). The guys from Stomp were a laugh too, not to mention Ashwin and the guys from Auran Games, Greg the AV guy.

While the expo is over the EGE Blog will probably remain active. In fact Furious (who is still here – currently playing his free copy of “Call of Juarez”) and I are putting together a ‘slide night’ podcast for the Blog which will be posted there soon.

Thanks again to everyone who attended and to everyone who has been following along online. Be sure to check out the great coverage that the PALGN and teams have respectivly put together too.

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    Lions, Tigers and Bears. Oh my!
    Folks, don’t pay any attention to the silly article above. While Elroy may THINK he ‘kicked’ my ass, it was more a light prodding – a margin of less than a tenth of a second.

    Oh, and; I’m sorry man, but I’m going to have to ask you to do the podcast on your own… Too much of my time is getting eaten up on “Call of Juarez”. It’s just so addictive!

  • Losing is Losing, loser!
    Be it one thenth of a second or a whole lap… YUO LOSED

    PS: I;m confiscating your copy of CoJ until you actauly do some work.. and stop posing on my site when you’re only sitting two metres away from me!