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Ask An Idiot Back online!

All praise the PHP voodoo gods what have decided to shine upon all those in need of sage advice! That’s right folks the AAI submission form is back in action, so you can once again send us in your quesions in a completly anonymous fashion!

NOTE: While we understand your desire for privacy when dealing with personal problems we sincerely suggest that if you REALLY DO have:

A/ A rash on your penis.
B/ A burning sensation when you urinate
C/ Some other sexually related problem.

Then you should consult a doctor immediately.. If, however, you are fortunate enough not to suffer from one of the conditions listed above, BUT think that it may be amusing, witty or something else to submit a question to AAI which includes the premise that you or someone you know does suffer from a similar condition – Then don’t – Try to be a little more creative than that.

Right.. now that we’ve got that cleared up (no pun intended), we look forward to tackling (again, no pun) your queries (nope) – Sho head over to the newly URL-a-fied:

~ elroy

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    Question sent!

  • WE’RE ON IT!!!!!!1111
    Young Furious is hitchhiking his way here (Adelaide -> Melbourne) as we speak.. he’ll be here for a week, so we’ll attempt a bumper update very soon! Stay tuned and keep those questions coming!

    ~ elroy