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Worst Highlander ever!

With the rumor out of the bag that there is to be yet another bludgeoning of the dead horse that is the Highlander series of movies yours truly found himself at the ‘official’ Highlander site just to have a sniff around.

I was (am) a fan of the first installment of the series of films and thought that Russell Mulcahy did a great job of directing it. But there my affection for the franchise ends.

I still firmly believe that somebody, somewhere should be sued for the damage done to my ability to enjoy a film after the harrowing experience that was paying for a ticket to see Highlander 2. GOOD GOD! What were they thinking!

Well – it’s not a huge monetary based pay out of a figure so large that it has to be referred to as ‘an undisclosed amount’ but it’s satisfying in it’s own small way… the web monkeys for the ‘official’ Highlander site have included the ability to ‘rate’ the films.. and in a world dominated by internet polls – how could I resist my opportunity to ‘stick it to the man’ and give that pile of shite the required 1 star rating…. that’ll learn ’em.

It appears however that I’m not alone in my feelings for the bag of un-wiped arses that was the first sequel – so far the movies have received the following ratings:

Highlander 1: 83.06% of readers gave it 5 stars.
Highlander 2: 34.59% (that’s the highest percentage!) gave it 1 star!
Highlander 3: 31.39% gave 5 stars
Highlander 4: 46.05% gave 5 Stars…

So clearly even the 12 sided dice wielding fans of the later films thought that number two was indeed number 2!

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