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Furious 2 – World nil

Stan lee wanna be, Simon “furious” Cole has littered the internet again with another one of his COMIX – If you have nothing to do, bandwidth to kill, and a sub double digit IQ head over to the even bigger waste of server space than this place, The Furman Machine and kill some of your much needed brain cells….

P.S: Yes, that’s me in the picture posted on the TFM news page – but understand I was young and needed the money…

P.P.S: I’ll kill Brett [Elton John fan] Lamb for exposing my moonlighting activities!

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  • yes
    we can see that

  • Elroy: corporate sellout
    Only weeks after condemning Fox’s decision to cancel Futurama, we discover that Elroy sold is soul to Rupert Murdoch. Well, well…I may be an Elton John fan but at least I didn’t sell myself to the very corporation that canned Morgan and Wong as EPs on Millenium.

  • Bring it on showtunes boy!
    BAH@you for your narrow mindedness – Can you not see that those stoopid FOX executives have bought about my wrath and it is my (cunning) plan to bring them down from the inside… Not only for their foolish abandonment of Mr Morgan and Mr Wong (to you) – (Actually I hold that Carter bloke accountable for that) but also for their poor form in booting Futurama….

    Any way enough of my diabolical plot revealing, I’m due on the set…

    Why don’t you just go back to listening to the Moulin Rouge soundtrack… oh – and remember to login next time or I’ll have ‘them’ revoke your dolly license!

  • Hahhaha
    Brett vs Elroy