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Vampires: Lost Boys 2

Anybody can have a bad idea. Some of them can even achieve ‘really bad’ status, but to come up with a notion, utterly unmatchable in the scope of it’s ‘shit-idea-edness’, you need the kind of people who run a television network. Usually we’re talking about the boobs from FOX. However, every once in a while another collection of boobs will surface just to let us know that having ideas, so monumentally bad that dragging your genitalia across battery acid soaked broken glass would be preferable to actually hearing about them, isn’t an ability exclusive to FOX.

In this particular case we’re talking about Warner Bros. and their idea… sorry, their shit-idea, is to make a low budget, direct to DVD [TV] sequel to the classic 1987 Vampire flick, The Lost Boys.

Now, just so we’re clear, when I say ‘classic’ I’m not suggesting that The Lost Boys is a brilliant piece of film making. Hell, it’s not even remotely ‘timeless’, in fact it’s ridiculously dated. Yes, The Lost Boys is cemented in the 80’s and that’s exactly where it should stay. Sadly though it seems like this will not be the case, The Lost Boys (or at least the name ‘The Lost Boys’) is going to be dragged, by a fast buck sequel, into the year 2007.

The very fact that folks still talk about the movie does stand as something of a testament to how much people enjoyed The Lost Boys. Especially when you consider that you can browse the shelves of any video rental store and find dozens and dozens of Vampire movies. If you ask any random person to name a hand full of Vampire films, chances are that they’ll mention The Lost Boys… Ok, maybe not before they sight Interview with the Vampire or Bram Stoker’s Dracula. Maybe they’ll bring up Blade, or the Underworld movies (by virtue of the fact that they are still pretty recent releases), sooner though (rather than later), they’ll get to The Lost Boys… and I guess that’s why the idea of a low budget sequel (by name only) irritates me so much.

But wait!! You haven’t heard the worst of it yet! While information on The Lost Boys 2 is slim, IESB reports that the plot will focus on a group of Southern Californian, surfer Vampires.. Oh, yeah, that’s the line that sets the shit-idea-o-meter off the scale!

Were there some effort here to really try to create a valid sequel to the original I may even be a little excited about the idea of another lost boys movie. However, unless there is a concerted effort to bring a few of the original characters back (the frog brothers maybe?) and somehow tie this film to the original (mullets?) then I’m going to avoid this one, for fear of encouraging this kind of behaviour. [source]

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    I guess the two Coreys were behind on the rent?

  • Who knows?
    Hard to say really, because it’s not known at this point whether they’ve got anything to do with this film at all… Honestly though, having them in the film is about the only thing that would actually get me to watch it!

  • Only the Coreys?
    What about if they tempted Joel Schumacker back into the director’s seat? I mean to say, such classics as “Flatliners”, “St. Elmo’s Fire”, the original “Lost Boys”… I can feel my stove pipe jeans, sneakers and rolled up jacket sleeves and turned up collar calling to me from the closet!! Not to mention the return of the mullet!! Ah, what a classic!!

  • Nah…
    I don’t think that ONLY the return of Joel would get me jazzed about this flick. While it would certainly add some credibility to the outing I seriously doubt that Schumacker is interested in getting involved in a ‘direct to dvd’ dog and pony show.

    No, it would take the return of some core(y) characters to get me interested. I mean, when you have characters returning, you have a sequel, but when you only have the director returning… well, you just don’t have any (viable) plot connections.

    Any way, I still haven’t forgiven Schumacker for Batman & Robin!

  • “Holy B-Grade Flick, Batman!!”…
    Yes, that was a stinker and it certainly cast dispersions not only on Batman’s sexuality but on everyone else who played a part in this stink-fest.
    Back on the lost boys revival; I feel that the dark humour that was a big part of the orignal will be replaced with gratuitous bloodshed and unnecessary violence. The charm of the original will definitely be lost along with the boys.

  • Fake blood is cheap.
    You’re probably right Macca, but there’s a small amount of hope left in the bucket: Talk is that Corey Feldman has been approached regarding the film.

    Hopefully they’re not missing a huge opportunity here – if they could get (at very least) Feldman and Jamison Newlander (the other frog brother) and Haim they could have the basis for spin off movie series (Hell, even a TV series) based on the frog brothers and their Vampire hunting adventures…. Oh! Wait… Could that be what this movie is?? A ‘test pilot’ for a series!?

    Now that the Blade series is dead and there’s no sign of those Buffy/Angel tv movies, the small screen is pretty devoid of Vamp action… Is it possible that Warner Bros are looking for something to fill that void?

  • Elementary, my dear Watson…
    A vampire fest complete with pithy one liners… Dammit, that sounds familiar?… If they can pull that off, they would definitely have a show that would be worth watching!

  • The New Scooby Gang!
    Well, it’s a hell of a lot more likely to happen than my long standing want: A Buffy spin-off featuring Oz and the rest of the ‘Dingo ate my Baby’ guys driving around in a van solving mysteries and fighting ghouls!

  • Of course we want a sequel. If has Feldman and Haims, you can guarantee it’ll have the same low budget, crappy charm of the original. Maybe we could send someone back in time to resurrect those hair cuts.

  • step forward
    I’d volunteer to go myself but the last time I went back to the eighties, I jammed my mood ring in the flux capaciter and, well, the commodore hasn’t been the same since.

  • No way!!!
    If anyone is going back to the eighties, IT’S ME!

    I still have a score to settle with those Bucks Fizz bastards! Steal my lyrics will they! WE’LL SEE ABOUT THAT!

    Plus there’s that whole thing about having to whack Sarah Connor.

  • a bigger axe to grind
    Hey, It’s your website! Go ahead (behind?) without me. But I’m afraid you are one movie too late if you are going to ice Sarah Connor – the damage has already been done when they released T3.
    (Oh, and by the way, I’d keep quiet about that whole Buck’s Fizz/stolen lyrics thing if I were you…)

  • 2 points:
    1/ Did I say Bucks Fizz…. I meant er.. Queen!

    2/ When you have a time machine you’re never too late!

  • i think the return of cory hamin would make the movie better then if it was the frog brothers lost boys is altamet favorite movie the 2nd would catch my interest i would go see it
    ~~Angela @-‘-,-Porter~~

  • I agree with you for sure Angela. My actual thinking was that, in the intervening years, Haim’s character would have teamed up with the Frog Brothers and they (with the addition of a couple more supporting characters) are now quite skilled (if not a little punchy) Vampire hunters.

    I still hold out hope that this is the direction that they take and that we end up with an actual TV series out of it… but I wont be holding my breath.