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The whole ball of…

There are, from countries all over this wet, blue ball, that we call Earth, currently (by my estimation) 20,206 untethered boobies!

How do I know this? Well, baser, “howthedevil” was kind enough to bring to the attention of the reading public the whereabouts of no less than 10,103 bras.
I was left with what can only be described as a “Why didn’t I think of that first” sensation after following THIS link to discover that “Emily Duffy” (a woman dubbed an artist by those around her who don’t care enough to point out otherwise) has been collecting other women’s undergarments since October of 2000 in an attempt to create a work of art she called a BraBall!

Now, as we all know – all things have a progression… and the natural follow on to bunging a shitload of hooter holders together is… that’s right = People write letters to you!
There are many letter to the BraBall’s creator posted on the site – but none better than this one:

I am sending you the one crappy bra I have in the closet. I never wear the infernal thing anyway… So it is that having heard your interview on CBC radio this fine Saturday morning, I knew just what to do with that stupid ill-fitting bit of underwired foolery – symbolic of the idiocy and narrowness of measuring women for harnesses both literal and figurative. I salute you and am very pleased to make one small but earnest contribution to your great big bra ball.

Brilliant stuff – my translation: “I have a bra that is crap – here you can have it”
Whilst pondering the best way to sum this post up – I returned to the source, only to find that another baser [mick] had summed it up with this:

so many questions spring to mind, but – oddly enough – “why” isn’t one of them. i collect pretty rocks.

Indeed… rock on mick and roll on BraBall!

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    [rips off his bra and sets fire to it]


    [bra slowly burns upwards, burning Moonie’s hand]