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Nufty seeks advice!

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Nufty seeks advice!

If there is one thing that makes me glad to have a connection to the world wide web it is the ability to meet new people, to seek out new knowledge and to help me fix problems with my computer…. but thats just me though.

There are a myriad of arenas scattered about the internet designed for people to voice their (mostly) pointless opinions and even some designed for you to seek out assistance with dealing with anything from health issues or personal matters… but be aware! As Geena Logenberry has just found out, if you are a big enough idiot, your call for assistance will have other idiots flocking to give you advice!

What was Geenas mistake you ask… posting this:

Subject: Nintendo=Masturbation Aid for teenage girls.

I have just caught my 15 year old girl, masturbating with a vibrating control pad on a Nintendo Gamecube. Now I am banning this vibrator from my household, but I am concerned about other teenagers who are using these products as masturbation aids. I think that we should call for the banning of these so called game consoles.

So… there you have it – clearly something that you can help with Im sure – head over to the VOY Forums and offer up your sage like advice for this poor soul and her daughter with the Earth Worm Jim fetish!

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  • Dude thats hot!
    I laugh everytime I read that!

  • but the enw controller is so well desigend for it :/

  • All major consoles will be compared at the next Sexpo in Sydney. Xbox Running Project with a car stuck in a barrier is expected to return fantastic results.

  • All major consoles will be compared at the next Sexpo in Sydney. Xbox running Project Gotham with a car stuck in a barrier is expected to return fantastic results.

  • Geena took it from her daughter, firstly out of motherly concern, then after some quiet thought decided to test it out to see why her daughter had taken up such activities, for purely scientific reasons of course. After completing her case study Geena is horrified to discover she has become addicted to the console, and is now a closet Nintendo Gamecube console masturbator, hence the cry for help, which was really for herself and not her daughter……lmao





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  • Demolution
    I think you have to face facts Venam.

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    All right you lot – you have until I finish this game of sonic to stop your weird ass shenanigans!!

    Or else Im calling the police…. or getting a bucket of cold water.. one or the other!

  • or getting a cold bucket of water… teehee :)