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Elroy, the founding fathers and ebay

I’m not a fan of ebay. It just feels like you’re throwing your money out into the nothingness of the internet and letting whoever wants at it.

That said, I found myself in the position of actually wanting to use it and, after being reassured by some mates at a party the other week, I decided to have a crack at the whole online auction thing. (read more)

Why? Some of you may be aware of the meshmod that I’d recently performed on my poor unsuspecting G4. Well, as it turns out, I shot myself in the foot a little (surprise, surprise) with that mod – not that it didn’t work out especially well or anything – but, after having done the mod I decided to add a couple of hard drives to the machine… low and behold I’d taken up one of the drive bays with the front fan! Bugger! Anyway, I decided that it was time to move the G4 from the original case and go hunting for a new one.

This process lead me to discover two things about your standard PC cases – they either suck large quantities of ass OR cost you the earth. Lian Li make some SWEET cases – they’re unfortunately up around the $400 mark for the really good ones… and I wanted a really good one. So I started looking at other options and one that was quickly bought to my attention was the idea of modding the G4 into one of Apple’s sweet G5 cases – but wait! Don’t they cos the earth too??

Yeah, usually – but that’s where ebay comes in!

Having seen a recent conversion of a Gig E (or was it a DA?) into a G5 case that Stuka (one of the XYM forum guys) performed I was pretty keen to go the same route with my Quicksilver G4 (QS) – as luck would have it, it wasn’t long before another XYMer pointed out a G5 case up for auction on ebay. Well, I blew my load early on that one – I put in a bid way too early and was just walked all over by the other interested buyers.. that case went for around $150 USD – which many of the XYMers seemed to think was quite cheap.. which only made me even more pissed off that I’d missed out on it.

But victory would be mine! Almost as soon as (possibly before) the auction had ended another case (from the same seller) was put on the auction block – This time, however, my ‘load’ would be kept in check!

I watched the auction closely – there didn’t seem to be as much interest in this case as the top bid as the auction drew closer to a close was still only in the $50 – $60 USD range… which was good news to me! Also working in my favor were the ‘founding fathers.. Yep, the auction closed on the Sunday morning (Aust time) of the Thanksgiving weekend in the US (Saturday afternoon US time – depending on where in the US you were, I guess).

Well, with mere minutes to the auction closing time I made my move and slapped on a bid and, to my surprise, I came out with the highest bid – walking away with the G5 case for the ridiculously low price of $86 USD – even with shipping the whole thing set me back less than half the cost of the Lian Li cases I’d been checkin out.. and this one has the added bonus of actually being a Mac case!

As I mentioned earlier, the risk thing was what has kept me away from ebay for so long – you just never know if the stuff will arrive. I was getting nervous about the G5 case too, here we were a week and a half after the close of the auction and I’d not even managed to extract an email from the seller – nothing, no correspondence at all – NADA – ZIP – SQUAT… I was beginning to contemplate my next move – should I contact the folks at ebay? Should I send a death squad, consisting of international idiot Tycho and his mega ghey scarf, around to the sellers house?

As I continued plotting there was a knock at the door – it was the DHL delivery guy with a dirty great box from them U.S of A’s!

HOT DAMN! I couldn’t be happier right now – I’ll post more about the progress of the mod as it happens… well.. not “as it happens” because the Mac wont be running while I work on the conversion – but you get the idea!

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    Oh boy, Ebay
    I’d had much the same doubts and trepidations about Ebay as you, and I haven’t really done a lot with them. However, I did order 4 Unique HeroClix off Ebay a while back, and got them all, after a heart-stopping wait of two weeks for the fourth one to finally get to me.

    I’d try to comment more intelligently, but being completely and staggeringly ignorant of all matters pragmatic, technological, cybernetic, and/or electronic, I cannot be entirely certain that most of your post (the stuff on computer mods) was written in English. Still, I enjoyed reading it. You seem to be quite a sharp fella, and an entertaining writer.

    I found your blog from Mike Norton’s, by the way, if you care.

  • howdy
    Hey, thanks for the comments – don’t let it fool you, I’m not sure any of it is english either!