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Buffy wins, Elroy loses and Bill sucks!

My Poll: Round one of the ‘Best TV show EVER’ poll has closed with Buffy the clear winner with 36% of the votes, you nerds pushed Star Trek into 2nd place with 21% – You can check the other results here (round 2 will be polled soon)

Mac Pad: Mac gamers (yes we exist) may be interested in a review/guide that I’ve posted on The Mac Address of the Nostromo n50 SpeedPad!

Idiots: In a sharing of pointless technology Teh Romulans and TFM have decided to integrate into their already useless sites the ability for us to see what crap taste in music they have…. whoop di do… hmm – [note to self: Steal that technology]

Bill SUCKS!: Remember those images that I posted the other week.. of the new Unreal Tournament map that I was working on? Well I hope you weren’t too interested in seeing how that turned out! Yeap, that’s right – My PC just bit the big one and I lost everything on the harddrive…. AGAIN!!!

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