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IronMan: Favreau’s Metal

The Iron Man Postermore I read, or see as the case may be, about Jon Favreau’s take on where he’s going with Iron Man, the more I’m confident that Favreau has his head in the right place to turn out a great superhero movie.

In a video interview with IGN (at Comic-Con) Favreau talked about holding off on using Iron Man’s (Stark) alcoholism for a later film. Commenting that he’d like to make more than one Iron Man movie, Favreau said that this first film will focus on Stark becoming Iron Man, and that he felt that the ensuing alcoholism was bought about as the stress of actually being Iron Man begins to take it’s toll.

So, we want to leave the door open to it, but we don’t want to overwhelm the first film with all of that. Alcoholism could be a black hole to get into and I think you have to have a very well developed character before you can explore that otherwise it’ll end up being ‘Leaving Las Vegas’ (or whatever) and I don’t think people want to see that right now.

Favreau also responds to a question regarding the use of computer graphics for the Iron Man sequences in the film, at which point he references the style and quality of the special effects created by ZOIC (the company used by Battlestar Gallactica and Joss Whedon’s Firefly/Serenity).

They go out of their way to cover virtual objects as though they were shot practically. They don’t see it as an opportunity to sort of free the camera and go nuts, you know, having the camera fly around where ever they see fit. They shoot it as though they are shooting it from ship to ship. They shoot it as though they are shooting it from the deck of another ship. And I think with Iron Man, if you look at the way that air combat is covered in a practical way or flying in general. You could help sell the CG aspects of a character in a real way. And that’s where most of our efforts and research are going now as we start to do tests… how do you make something real out of something that’s fake.

Discussing the realism aspects of the film further Favreau talked about grounding the film in the real world to allow the viewer to accept the ‘unreal’ aspects (which he described as ‘a dude in a suit flying around’) which, again, only furthers my faith that Favreau is likely to create something fantastic with this film. His understanding that Iron Man IS just a dude in a suit is a great indication that he plans to make a more tangible, Batman Begins, style film as opposed to the plastic kind of flick that The Fantastic Four turned out to be… Whatever the case, the count down continues. [source]

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