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What’s the address??

Hey – been busy again and not had the chance to post – so I’ll do a quick wrap up of what’s going on:

  • The Furman Machine is open for business – so far it’s scooped up two of the most prestigious web awards there is!
  • Busted a hump designing the new Mac based site The Mac Address – I think it’s some of my best design work to date – and some of my best writing!
  • That skallywag Buzzmoo has his site up and going now – where it’s going is anybodies guess though!
  • Oh and finally – Fozzie made a knob jockey of himself in the comments section of the previous post – be sure to check it out!

Elroy out

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    lol, that post was a perfect example of the good, good , bad and ugly :)

    (in that order as well.. although its arguable as to the order of the last two ;D)

  • Sorry
    It has come to my attentions that certain induviduals may find my comment insulting and unacceptable.

    if your name is BuzzMoo then I apoligise.

    if your name is Fozzie, then yuo = F00

  • Who you calling ugly!!!

    And Mr Elroy….I noticed you had started a new post or whatever you want to call it so I replied to your comment in the previous post about not making a new one for a week so that eveyone could see my foolishness. I was happy.

    I then came back to the main page and read the new post/topic thingy. My happiness disappeared….:/

  • tee hee

  • Oi!
    *Force choke*
    Apology..accepted, Admiral.


  • err
    yeah, that was me, just incase you didnt figure it out.

    ..i wouldnt put it past you! You know who you are!

  • Yes i do know who i am… :D

    thats the one thing that makes me unlike you f00s :)