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Just a short post to serve as something of a site update update… I’ve finished reformatting the Archived AAI pages, so they don’t look like ass now – unless that’s your opinion of the new design as a whole! You can check them out [HERE] – I’ve also added a submission form to the main Ask An Idiot page, so that you can now send in a question to the AAI team completely anonymously!
As soon as I finish up a few more things we’ll get to and answer your submissions – so head [HERE] to get the answers to your greatest woes!

On the EOL Music Page you’ll find another one of my ear ringing creations – this was primarily create in SoundTrack a while back, but I’ve cleaned it up a bit and added it to the page! The track is called “What Time is Lunch?’ and you can grab it from [HERE], where you’ll also discover that I’ve added a new ‘rating system’ to the music page.. see if you agree with the scores so far!

Lastly, I’ve updated the Idiot’s Choice Movie Guide (ICMG) to suit the new site design AND I’ve added a Submissions/Suggestions form, where you can now (once again, anonymously if you wish) submit suggestions for movies that you think should be included in the ICMG Database or, if you are so inclined, you can submit your own ICMG review to the database!

OK, that’s a longer post than I intended – Enjoy the weekend peeps and feel free to have a good poke around the new site and explore some of the new features…

Oh, and one more thing.. Yes – There will be another issue of The XCrabs coming soon and No, I’m not going to tell you if “The Romulans” is going to show up in it.. you’ll just have to wait for that to be revealed!

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