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Chinese Dude in Space!

If you’re a nerd… and lets face it, if you’re reading this then you are probably some variant of geek… then you’ll be as excited as I was to hear that China has become the 3rd Earthly nation capable of putting people into space!

Ok, to be more specific, at this point it’s “capable of putting A man into space” and he’s not home yet! The Rice-o-naught, Yang Liwei, is due to reenter Earth’s atmosphere after completing 14 orbits of the Earth.. putting him in space for a leisurely 24 hours… which is still a damn sight longer than you’ve been there so get that smirk off your face yankie!

The Chinese Shenzhou V spacecraft is at the cutting edge of Chinese technology, which can only mean that it is equipped with a built in digital camera, a digital clock-radio and a Dance Dance Revolution machine.

Why is this so cool? Well, with another nation being capable of independent space research and travel it broadens the scope for both space flight competition AND collaboration. With any luck we could see some serious work towards getting you humans back on the moon and out of my hair pretty soon!

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    I propose a international co-op for my new project.

    The “Buzz Shuttle I” will be the first of many new personal intergalactic ships of the proud BuzzMoo fleet. They will be equiped to defend what will become known as BuzzTopia (The solar system) as by then, i shall be Emperor of all.

  • interesting….
    I pictured you more as the owner of a chocolate factory Buzz… you know, the kind with a great glass elevator and some umpa lumpa’s [sp?]… hmmm, maybe you could just clone mert a few dozen times and enslave the resulting ravel to do your bidding.

  • Furious
    I plan on launching the next human monkey into orbit, but Australia wont be the fourth country to get a man into space – by that time I’ll have been granted my own soverign state, to whcih the currency will be the ‘Roy’, and the national language will be swedish.

  • Just to clarify:
    When you say: “I’ll have been granted my own soverign state”

    We say: “he’ll be kicked out of the country”

  • ppht
    More like I will have DECLARED my flat a sverign state, rather than it being granted to me.

  • All those in favor…
    …of declaring Furious’ flat a ‘virgin state’ say aye!