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Pipped by Pixar

Apple have posted these (very cool) new movies, made by Pixar, of the new iMac:

Which basically means that this is now on the trash heap – I still had a HEAP of work to do to it (time/animation/textures/models/etc) but you can see where I was going…

Damn pixar… ‘same thing happened with my computer animated full length feature film “toy tale” (featuring “Chubby” – to be voiced by Dan Ackroyd and “Grind: Second gear” – to be voiced by Wil Shatner)

It’s all true – you ask my Lawyers!

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    i think that the first one, the one with the drive bay thing is very very very offensive


  • test

  • testing
    uno dos dre quatro

  • HEY!
    I wont stand for that kind of language here!!

  • Im stumped
    I just cant work out why some comments work, but others dont


  • WAIT!!!!!!!!
    Ive worked it out.

    Anyone see any problems with this post and my last post? Thats right. Im missing the little quote mark in words like Im and cant. The quote marks is what is causing it

    Ah Ha, Ah Ha, Ah Ha. Ooo Im a silly little sitebox bug. Well How Do You Like That? (Doing Lama dance)

    PS This bug will be fixed for next version. Sorry about this.