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Every body duck!

Time for yet another ‘drive by post’…. hmmm – I should probably make a new topic for just this kind of post…. Well, if there’s a new topic over there on the right hand side of the post – then I guess I got around to it… if not… Meh – what ya gonna do?

Must see internet: If you are a fan of the Kevin Smith films and comics… and, well, who isn’t!!! Then you’d be foolish to not check out this flash animation combining the two!

Roy, Roy, he’s our man! Once again sitebox creator, Roy, has tinkered with the site box code and added a bit more functionality – last week it was polls – this week it’s dynamic linking – now the ‘read more’ link only shows up when there actually is more to read! (I made ’em buttons! Yah me!)

Someone else’s life: Lament no more lifeless people! Formerly lost to us, it seems that the spirited AstroG has begun blogging once again… Whew – thought I was gonna have to get a life of my own for a minute there!

Love will keep us together: It seems that there are potential tears behind the.. stupidity over at with rumors abound that Mert may be going out on his own leaving Buzz with little more than a URL to keep him warm at night!

Speaking of Buzz: He’s finally managed to make it into the Idiot Gallery, not only that but his appearance has warranted the creation of a new ‘Extreme Idiot’ wing!

Got Questions?: You guessed it – we’re getting set to update the Ask An Idiot page once again – so get your questions in A.S.A.P!!

You’ve got Mel!: Last, but by no means least, I’ve been told I have to say ‘hi’ to the lovely Mel… so ‘Hi Mel’

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