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Horror: The Silent House

I don’t profess to be as hard as nails in any respect, so when I say that horror movies don’t scare me I’m not trying to sound all badass. The fact is that I enjoy the hell out of a good horror movie. The closer I get to the edge of my seat the more […]

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Remote Viewing Podcast: Episode #02

Episode 2 is here just to spite all those people who said it’d never last! Fiona talks about 127 hours, lets fly with her opinion of Sanctum and Elroy’s been watching some utter garbage. To celebrate Valentines day the team talk about their favourite Romantic movies — with a little help from some twitter friends […]

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Remote Viewing Podcast: Episode #01

In our first episode of Remote Viewing, Elroy, Matt and Fiona introduce themselves. They discuss the films True Grit and Catfish, take a look at some of the movie news and rumours that are doing the rounds at the moment. Then they debate whether or not audiences have tired of superhero movies, in the wake […]

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