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Movie: Goemon

You can’t get much further from the last movie [in the last post here on elroyonline] than with the Japanese fantasy adventure film Goemon. The movie is based, extremely loosely, on the life of Goemon Ishikawa, a legendary Japanese Bandit from the 1590’s. Goemon was a Robin Hood like figure, with the most notable difference […]

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Movie: North Face

It’s only when you watch a movie like NORTH FACE that you realise how artificial mainstream movies are. I don’t mean to suggest that mainstream movies can’t be entertaining, gripping, moving or even awesome. They can, and often are. But when you step away from the comfort of the highly polished Hollywood fare that you […]

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Series: Welcher & Welcher

When it comes to making television, we Australians suck. Apart from epic wartime dramas, the Australian content that appears on our screens is more often than not low brow and insulting attempts at comedy, which is designed to (and successfully) appeals to… well, morons. Yes, I’m looking at you KATH AND KIM fans. Over the […]

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