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Series: Darkroom The Complete Series

I was a complete sucker for anthology series when growing up. The Twilight Zone is the most famous of them all, to this day people still imitate the “doo-do doo-do” part of the opening theme to indicate something strange or supernatural(ish) has occurred. The original Twilight Zone series aired back in the early sixties (well […]

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DVD: Mother

For anyone interested, here’s how my process of choosing what to post here on elroyonline works: I watch stuff, lots of stuff, lots of really random stuff. Some of it isn’t great, some of it is ok, some of it entertains me enough to want to share it with some folks. Those folks is you. […]

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Powers Cosmic: Commentary 01-09

If you’re following @powerscosmic (the official Powers Cosmic twitter feed) or if you’re a fan of our facebook page… or if you’re following @furious_tfm or my twitter account then you’d know already that I flew to Adelaide for a few days at the start of this week, so that Simon (Furious) and I could knuckle […]

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