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Powers Cosmic: Promo 01

What’s this? A second Powers Cosmic release in less than a week! Consider yourself spoiled! So, what’s this all about then? It’s not a new episode, it’s just a promo… the idea being that it’s a bit of an ask for a potential new viewer to part in front of a WHOLE 6 minutes of […]

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Powers Cosmic: Episode 09

It’s been another long delayed release, but it’s finally here! Episode 09 differers from the ones before it, mostly because it takes place after the events of Episode 08, which none of the other episodes managed to do. It also has new characters, new sets, and marks the beginning of the end of this first […]

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Movie: Dead Snow

There’s a technique used when script writing, called “hanging a lantern on it”. Usually it is a lazy way of writing your way out of an illogical situation, or to distract from an obvious plot device. The Norwegian comedy / horror (Norromedy?), DEAD SNOW employs the technique very early on, when a group of young […]

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