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Powers Cosmic: Minisode 01

If you’ve been following the Powers Cosmic facebook page, or our twitter feed, then you’d be aware already that we’ve announced that we wont be releasing any new episodes until sometime in the new year (which isn’t really that far away). We’d been working towards getting the next episode out before the Xmas break, but […]

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Blu-Ray: Akira

Every genre has films which are not only considered classics, but are seen as the very definition of that genre: Psycho, Double Indemnity, Night of the Living Dead, Breakfast Club, The Towering Inferno. AKIRA is indisputably high — if not in the number one spot — on the list of movies which define Anime. I […]

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Series: Dead Set

Sooner or later any discussion involving zombies will stray on to the topic of Social Commentary. You can also bet that someone, in some hackeyed attempt to sound like they know something about something, will bring up that ten letter word: Consumerism! Ever since George Romero tricked movie snobs into thinking he’d made some kind […]

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