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Anime: Vexille

Directed by APPLESEED Writer and Producer, Fumihiko Sori, VEXILLE is something of a rarity when it comes to the Anime titles that I’ve seen. Let me say that, while I’ve seen a fair bit of anime now — much of it not reviewed for this site — I still can’t call myself a convert to […]

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DVD: Robot Chicken Season 03

Like just about everything that falls under the Adult Swim banner, I wouldn’t suggest that you introduce yourself to ROBOT CHICKEN by slapping down your hard earned cash and buying this (or any other) DVD. Instead, my suggestion would be to check out a few episodes first. However, if you’re a fan, and even if […]

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Doco: Not Quite Hollywood

Of the stack of DVDs that I watched over the last couple of weeks, I have to say that NOT QUITE HOLLYWOOD is the one that I think I enjoyed the most. This documentary examines a faction of Australian film-making (known as Ozploitation), from the 70s and early 80s which is often overlooked, or even […]

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