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Movie: I Aren’t Legend

SPOILER: WARNING GALORE! For three quarters of I AM LEGEND I was delighted… Ok, not ‘delighted’ so much as compelled, scared stupid, and even bought to tears. However, the same event which turned me into a blubbering mess also marked the demise of all that I’d hoped would eventuate from this, the third adaptation of […]

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Series: Short Journey

There has always been a core sci-fi/fantasy element to choose from on TV (the quality varies, of course), however I can not think of another time when the pickings have been so plentiful, or of such great quality. While this is great for those of us who crave this kind of entertainment, there are only […]

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Avengers?: Iron Man, Fury and the Hulk

Anyone who has spent any length of time follow my inarticulate ramblings here on elroyonline can probably tell you that my biggest issue with movie adaptations of comic-books is the fact that they constantly deviate from the established origin of a character or a landmark event in comic lore. Most recently my focus was on […]

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