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You done something with your hair?

As you can probably tell I’ve been tinkering with a new skin/theme/look/whatever for the site. For the most part I think the overall theme is finished (yeah, right), however there are still a few, erm.. lets call them ‘legacy’ areas of the site (particularly permanent pages like AAI and ICMG) which still harbor some pretty […]

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X-Men: The Last Post… I promise!

Ah, well. The day has finally arrived. The java clock has fallen silent.. but not before letting off some LOST style ‘boop’s’ and then strangling the life out of a clackstone horn before Jon Locke could mash the numbers in! No, I’m not talking about the season final of LOST in which we discover that […]

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Even I think I’m a nerd!

Getting my nerd on once again tonight and I passed some time by watching the latest Smallville episode, which if you’re a big enough dork, you will know has been leading up to a ding-dong, drag out, fight like a girl, confrontation between the boy of steel and the baddest super villain ever to later […]

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