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Mutant Web Design Skills

I was out, or rather ‘in’ as the case may be, getting my nerd on tonight.. and by that I mean that I was surfing this here interweb when I came across the Aussie X-Men 3 site. Now, regardless of what has been speculated about the quality of this movie (and if you haven’t been […]

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iSync: Another update… Another A1000 plugin!

So, the good people over there at Apple Records have released another update for their computerized operational system software. Which, of course, included an update to my arch-nemesis, iSync. And, you guessed it, it broke compatibility with the plugin which I’d made to enable syncing with the ePhone (or Motorola A1000 for those are not […]

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XMen: New Trailer – Is Ratner’s name still mud?

I was nerding out the other day watching Attack of the Show, when they played an extended trailer for Xmen3. Now, as most of you nerds know (because we communicate telepathically) Brian Singer left some pretty big shoes for Brett Ratner (Rush Hour 2) to fill and most of us (nerds) didn’t hold out much […]

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