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‘Night Watch’ DVD Give-Away!

After writing the Night Watch review I was contacted again and asked if I’d like to give away a few copies of the region 4 release of the DVD to readers of EOL.. I immediately replied and said “NO WAY, THOSE LOSERS DON’T DESERVE NOTHIHNG!!?z”. And thought that would be the end of the matter. […]

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Night Watch: Don’t call it a vampire movie!

I was given the opportunity to review a preview dvd of the Russian/Horror/Fantasy/Thrillery/Thingy film ‘Night Watch’ this week and, if I’m being honest, I didn’t have very high expectations for the film. It just sounded all a little silly, especially when you have the film summed up for you by so many other sites as […]

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Little pictures that you click on!

It’s been a while since I’ve pimped any of my design stuff. So i decided that’s exactly what I’d do now. I’ve slapped together a small collection of icons that i’ve created. Some of these were created months ago, other are more recent. These are all for Mac (OS X) applications, so if you’re a […]

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