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Children Are Vermin

Lately I’ve been sleeping really strange hours – in short naps – at odd times of the day. Why? Not just because I’m getting older by the minute… trust me, it’ll be a long time before I start pulling my pants up around my nipples and yelling at the neighbourhood kids to keep off our […]

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Buffy in Space.. Not

You’re either asking yourself one of two questions right now: “Where’s that elroy with my overdue movie review!?” or “What’s an elroy?”. Well, you’re both right! Yes, after spending the last few weeks in hollywood (lie), interviewing movie stars (lie) and making out with supermodels (lie) I’m back in the saddle (lie) and excited to […]

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iSync 2.1.1 and the A1000 PWNED

Those ever lovin’ fools over there at Apple compute-R-US have just released a fairly hefty system update (To 10.4.3 – for those playing at home). With it is, among an array of neato updates to Safari and the like, is a pretty minor update to iSync.. which, of course, breaks the haxored syncing for us […]

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